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Acoustic Instrument Amplifiers

Marshall AS50D

This 50 Watt AS50D has two specially designed 8GǦ Celestion speakers and a high fidelity polymer dome tweeter, for rich clean tones and brilliant highs. Designed for a variety of different acoustic instruments, the AS50D has a range of input features, so it can accommodate instruments with magnetic pickups, piezos and microphones GÇô passive or condenser.

The digital FX, which include studio-quality reverbs, are assignable to either or both channels, and can be balanced with FX in the FX loop. The AS50D is the perfect amp for intimate acoustic gigs.

FEATURES 50 watts power, 2 channels, 2x 8" speakers plus piezo tweeter, chorus and reverb, clean sound, phase switch, notch filter, effects loop.

Drum Kits

Yamaha PTC-1182 Drum Kit

This includes: 22" Bass Drum, 2 Tom Toms, 1 Floor Tom, Stool
Hi-Hat Stand, 2 Cymbal Stands, Snare Stand, Single Bass Drum Pedal & Rug

Double bass drum pedal available upon request


Additional fee when including snare and cymbals


Please note our hire does not include drum sticks